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Our company has become one of the “Top 500 IT Companies in Turkey” of Interpromedya’s evaluation in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.
In the 2012 and 2015 evaluations, our company ranked 10th in the category of Local ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) producers.


Ready to Use Sectoral Softwares
Business Oriented Softwares
Modular Structure Compliant with Changing Needs
Quick and Easy Implementation Process
Accessing the Right Information on Time
Business Facilitating Solutions
Increased Productivity through Mistake Reduction


Information Technology Consultancy
System and Project Consultancy
Industry Specific Software
Data Collection from Production Area
Automatic Weighing and Control Systems
Process Monitoring, Quality Control Systems
Barcode Aided Production, Stock, Shipping


Quality Control, Quantification/Qualification
Integration with Automation Systems
Dyeing-Stamp-Finishing Recipe Systems
Outsource/Fason Tracking Systems
PreCost/Process-Production Cost Systems
Stock and Shipment Processes with Handheld Terminals
Finance and Accounting Programs Support

Industry 4.0 Applications
Production Management Softwares
Web Report Design
Mobile Tracking
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Ready to Use Sectoral Softwares

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