Knitted Fabric Production Management

Knitted Fabric Production Management
Knitted Fabric Production Management

With Akdatasoft’s Knitted Fabric Production Management Program, control your all production processes from yarn purchase to stock entry, knitted fabric recipe to waste tracking, production to sales and barcode aided shipment. Our Knitted Fabric Production Program includes many functions that are specialized in knitted fabric production. You can start to use Akdatasoft Knitted Fabric Production software in your business within a very short implementation time, with our sectoral know-how and analysing of your processes with our production-experienced team.

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Model Ön Maliyet
Yabancı Dilde Etiket, Çeki Listesi ve Belgeler
Müşterilere Ait Sipariş No İle İzleme
Müşterilere Ait Kodlama Sistemi İle İlgili Belge ve Etiketleme
Üretim Operasyonlarının Takibi
Fason İşlem Takibi Sevk Programı
Detaylı Model Tanıtımı ve Arşivi
Model Ön Maliyet Hesabı
Asortili Paketleme ve Paletleme
Hammadde ve Aksesuar İhtiyaç Planlama


  • Detailed Machine Capacity Planning, Occupancy Reports

  • Raw Material, Color and Feature Introduction to Fabric Recipe

  • Yarn and Accessories Requirement Planning

  • Automatic Data Collection From Weighing

  • Recording Quality Errors and Quality Scoring System

  • Tracking With Customers Order Number

  • Label, Check List and Documents in Desired Language

  • Documentation and Labeling with Customers Coding System

  • Preparing a Dispatch Program

  • Barcode aided Controlled Shipment with Hand Terminal

satinalimSelling and Buying Orders
ploabjStock Transactions (Barcode Aided)
plotBatch and Lot Tracking
rctProduct Receipts
ploabjMachine Working Standards
ploabjWork Orders
rctYarn Requirement Planning
plotMachine Occupancy Status
qydpReporting Based on Deadline
qydpQuality and Faults
sevkShipping (Barcode Aided)
brprosPacking Lists
ilvskLabeling (Barcoded)
ilvskWeb-based Tracking

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